Early June weather

Just a heads-up for those under the fog who haven’t noticed the increased cloud cover. Starting tonight, Tuesday, June 2nd, there is a 20% chance of showers, increasing to 50% by Thursday night through Friday. Would be nice to cut through some of this dust, and give some of our thirsty hills a drink. Let’s hope, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Early June weather

  1. Jana and I are off to Cascade, Idaho (the Idaho version of Big Sur) again for June and July, and it looks like it will be t-storms all the way. A slow-drifting cyclone is just to the west, and from the words of NWS meteorologist I know…”I would not bet a nickel either way, if, when, and where it rains.This is the type of system that drives forecasters crazy.” The idea of rain is good…but as for the lightning…beware!Keep alert and ready for response. -Captain Lingcod

  2. I realize this question addresses an entirely inexact science, but as I’m from Colorado and visiting Big Sur next week, can you give a general time range when the fog is dissipating for the day? Is it present every morning?

    Kate — we’ll be spending one night camping at Plaskett, so when we’re at Sand Dollar Beach and being amazed at the view from Cone Peak all the way around, I’ll look back to the southeast and give you and Dakota a smile!

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