3 thoughts on “Big Sur River & Juan Higuera Creek photos

  1. The river is WILD. Rushing and roaring and more full than I’d expected, there wasn’t that much rain here…or maybe there was. Almost balmy morning, sunshine, even now but the cold air has come in and it smells like snow. I thought it had missed us, maybe the hit will come afterall.

  2. The river has been raging over our bridge as well. Heard that there was a log jam up in the back country by Sykes. Once it released it brought down logs and stuff from the Basin Complex Fire. The river had the smell of fire and the logs were very large and long for over a couple of hours. The river came up very quickly once the log jam released. Now we are having hail at 8:30pm down here in the Valley. I love it. I have some great photos I may post later.

  3. yes the river got hight today… i have pics of the river that i would love to send you… Debbie was right the river got hight very fast… but the rain very early was really heavy…
    thanks Kate i love your blog…send me an email so i can send you some of my pics

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