Lost Dog in Palo Colorado Canyon

I already sent this to WildBigSur, but just in case, I wanted to get a wide audience – y’all know how I feel about dogs. I am also forwarding to Martha Diehl, another dog person, who can post to the Palo Colorado Canyon list.

Hi, Im new to the area.. I heard there is a website for Big Sur locals for updates and news. I cant find friends of palo colorado’s website/blog. I was hoping you could direct me to the right website or post something on yours
I lost my dog Shawnee on Friday during the storm.. I live in Palo Colorado Canyon. She’s a female, 1 years old, black and white. If you have any information or anywhere I can go to post, it is greatly appreciated.

I attached a picture of her.

Thanks for your time,

Shawnee by Bethany Lancaster

Snow on Coast Ridge & Los Burros

Soaring Starkey sent me these photos taken yesterday at her place on Coast Ridge at 2800 ft.

Snocean View, 2/19/11, by Soaring Starkey

Isa and the gator, 2/19/11, by Soaring Starkey

Here are some taken yesterday by Sandy Krenkle from Los Burros:

Los Burros Horses & Snow, 2/19/11, by Sandy Krenkle

Winter Wonderland, 2/19/11, by Sandy Krenkle