Snow on Coast Ridge & Los Burros

Soaring Starkey sent me these photos taken yesterday at her place on Coast Ridge at 2800 ft.

Snocean View, 2/19/11, by Soaring Starkey

Isa and the gator, 2/19/11, by Soaring Starkey

Here are some taken yesterday by Sandy Krenkle from Los Burros:

Los Burros Horses & Snow, 2/19/11, by Sandy Krenkle

Winter Wonderland, 2/19/11, by Sandy Krenkle

4 thoughts on “Snow on Coast Ridge & Los Burros

  1. Goodness Gracious! Ya’d think it was Tahoe! I love how only the driver’s seat is without snow, for the moment.

    On another note, it’s sunny and drying out here (north of there) today.

  2. Nice shots Soaring! Sure is a different perspective than the one I have at coast level.

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