Snow on Coast Ridge & Los Burros

Soaring Starkey sent me these photos taken yesterday at her place on Coast Ridge at 2800 ft.

Snocean View, 2/19/11, by Soaring Starkey

Isa and the gator, 2/19/11, by Soaring Starkey

Here are some taken yesterday by Sandy Krenkle from Los Burros:

Los Burros Horses & Snow, 2/19/11, by Sandy Krenkle

Winter Wonderland, 2/19/11, by Sandy Krenkle

4 thoughts on “Snow on Coast Ridge & Los Burros

  1. Goodness Gracious! Ya’d think it was Tahoe! I love how only the driver’s seat is without snow, for the moment.

    On another note, it’s sunny and drying out here (north of there) today.

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