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1. No update from CT on Alder until Fri so it remains closed on Thursday it sounds like.

2. Don McQueen tells me that the cribbing on the Rocky Creek actually replaced the original redwood cribbing used by the convict crew, and that Wally Hinkle put that cribbing in in the 60s. Rock Knocker is my primary source for information about the road, with 30 years experience, but he admits he had a brain fart here. I’ve arranged for Rock Knocker and I to go interview Don McQueen in the next couple of weeks.

3. The teaser by MCWeekly on FB places the Rocky Creek closure on Marcy 17th. That is incorrect. It happened on March 16th.

Lastly, this from Monterey Communications:

Monterey Salinas Transit is prepared to run a shuttle from the north end of the Highway 1 slide to Carmel and Monterey. MST is seeking input from the Big Sur community on how frequently this would be needed. Please send your comments regarding the shuttle to the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce.

Here is the tentative shuttle schedule MST has developed:

7:30 a.m. Shuttle pick up from the northern end of the slide, coincides with pedestrian access time. Shuttle stops include:

Crossroads on Rio Road (at Blackbear)
Del Monte Center
Cass Street
Transit Plaza, Downtown Monterey

4:00 p.m. Shuttle returns to north end of the slide, coinciding with pedestrian access times.

From each of the shuttle stops, riders can access bus routes throughout the county. The ride back to Big Sur will repeat the stops in the reverse. The shuttle can carry 18 seated and 7 standing passengers. It can accommodate two wheelchairs, which would reduce seated capacity to 16.

Please forward your comments regarding the shuttle schedule to the Big Sur Chamber.

Information regarding garbage service:

Thursday 3/31/11 – Waste Management will send two trucks to Big Sur via Nacimiento Fergusson Road for garbage collection. The trucks will initially target commercial garbage needs. Should the trucks not be able to reach Big Sur using this route, the Monterey County Health Department will identify other means to handle solid waste.
Back tomorrow, maybe.

Slide Photos and other stories

As most of you know, I took the day to go out and about in Big Sur. Beautiful day, little traffic, and with this weather, a perfect day to take in our lovely coast.

But before I get to that, here are some photos of the Alder Creek slide taken this morning by Rock Knocker:

Here are some of the photos I took yesterday. Now, with the iPhone, it takes me twice as long, since I have to grab my shots with both cameras, now!

Tuesday’s News & Views

From Wild Big Sur: “At the meeting CalTrans reported the Limekiln Creek slide area will take the “best part of the week” to clear, and the Rocky Creek collapse repair is “on schedule and should be done by the end of the month.” Also, they set a schedule for pedestrian crossings at the collapse site – 7 am and 4 pm, for all who are in line at that time to walk over from either side.
I am going over Nacimiento to “the other side” now and will take my laptop and iPhone (238 0865) to stay in contact. Everyone can continue posting here.
jack ”

For whatever reason, the vast majority of my comments/post to Wild Big Sur are not allowed, so, I will post here. There is a significant error – it is ALDER CREEK NOT LIMEKILN THAT WILL BE CLOSED FOR A WEEK. IF IT WAS LIMEKILN, JACK WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO GET TO NACIMIENTO-FERFUSSON TOMORROW.

1:45 pm – one report out of today’s meeting is Ped access starting tomorrow. 7:00 am and again at 4PM only until the last pedestrian in line AT THAT TIME is across. Escorted. The second important piece of information is that it is looking like a one lane opening will not happen in the middle of the month, closer to the end. Also, there will be a weight restriction of 5 tons, which will heavily impact the businesses and campgrounds. Further, this one lane with weight restriction could be in place for up to a year.

11 am – currently, the news continues to be that Alder Creek slide is a 2-7 day slide. Limekiln slid again last night, but Cal-Trans got one lane open this morning. Current reports are that Nacimiento-Fergusson is open.

Remember, just because I write something is open (or closed) at 11 am, doesn’t mean that it will be the same at noon. It was reported to me that one local expressed his dissatisfaction with my blog because road conditions were different than reported here. Conditions change much more rapidly than any one can possibly report on. I am only one – with help from Avis when she can – and the road and Mother Nature do not listen to me, at all, ever.

Don’t forget the helicopter ferry started yesterday. Email Stan Russell at for arrangements.

I have some photos of all sorts of things slide-related I will get them up sometime this afternoon, I hope.

But here are some “views” from yesterday;

Chimney Slide near Limekiln after opening by bigsurkate

Packard Beach, double waterfall by bigsurkate

Sunset from Ventana by bigsurkate

The lights come on at Nepenthe by bigsurkate

Alder Creek closure by bigsurkate

Big Sur takes care of her own

First, Avis, my sister of the heart, thanks for taking care of my blog while I took the day off. AND, I didn’t even ask … you just helped out. Damn, that is why I love this place so much!

Second, Danny, thanks for sharing your photos with all of us so we know what is REALLY going on down here.

Third, thank you Big Sur for taking care of me when I ran out of my place in such a state this morning that I forgot my purse. No money, no credit cards, nothing but my name, and yet, I got lunch, drinks, gas, and home safely. Thanks to a lot of friends and businesses. This community is SO fine!

I also got to check in with the businesses and their employees … and I am impressed. This community is like few others. That will be the subject of my column and post tomorrow.

I have a column to write for the Cambrian and SLO Tribune and bigsurkate due by tomorrow, and lots of photos I took today, so I will be back in the morning.

If one has to be cut off, stranded, isolated, whatever, what better place than Big Sur?

Alder Creek Slide Photos

3:30PM –  Hi Everyone.  Avis here again. The lovely Big Sur Kate is taking a much needed day of R & R.

Danny Millsap the  Caltrans Maintenance Supervisor just sent me these photo’s of the Alder Creek Slide that happened over night. These were taken early this morning. Alder Creek is south of the town of Gorda. The slide is at the 8 MM.

4:15PM – I just spoke with Danny and to quote him  ” Two days or more. Could be a week working as fast as they can safely” before they get this one cleaned up.

I also spoke to many people who traveled Naciemiento Road today and they say the road is clean and in great shape.  So Big Sur, our one and only way in and out across Naciemiento is looking great.

The road from Naciemiento north to the Big Sur Valley is looking good too.

Alder Creek Slide 3/28/2011
Alder Creek Slide Hauling out the dirt
Danny just sent this. Alder taken at 1600 hours

Enjoy the sunshine and be safe out there. Things can change in a moment.

Mother Nature has a sense of humor

2:40 pm – from the River Inn after a great lunch, at least a couple days for the closure, update tomorrow morning.

8:00 am – the official word is that this slide south of Gorda will keep the highway closed, probably for most, if not all day. An update will be issued this evening.

The South Coast drums are reporting a two day closure. And Danny Millsap, the Willow Creek Supervisor just confirmed.

The good news is N-F Rd. is holding, so far. The road down from Big Sur is clear to here. Good luck everyone.

Mother Nature sure has a sense of humor! Keep laughing.

I’ll be out and about checking on things a bit later.

Highway One closed AGAIN, south of Gorda

It is official. Highway One is closed at Alder Creek. PM 8, 2 miles south of Gorda. Rocks and mud coming from above. Nothing until morning, then I’ll bring you up-to-date as soon as I know.
7:09PM 1039 SLO W/LINES 40-42

Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. update, 3/27/11

One of my neighbors called to report that there is an area on Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. about 1/4 mile east from the summit which is narrowing, due to slide/slip out activity. I have reported this to Monterey County Communications, who reports there was a slide in this area yesterday, and that crews are working it and keeping an eye on it, and that the crew is either there or will be there to check on it this afternoon, and will continue their twice a day patrol of the road, which is still open at this time. Once the Chimney slide at Limekiln is open to traffic again at 6 pm this evening, any locals planning on using N-F Rd. as a means of getting to or from Monterey, need to be aware of this problem area, and continue to go slow and be extra cautious around the turns.

Also reports have confirmed that the power outage in Big Sur is also being experienced in Monterey. Unknown cause at this time.

CORRECTION – My neighbor called about South Coast Ridge Rd. not N-F Rd. but the county information is accurate.

Openings on southern slide

1:30 pm – I am taking the rest of the day off from blogging, if possible, so I can catch up on my other job – the one that pays the bills for this one! Tomorrow, I have to make a trip to the Big Sur Post Office to track down a very important piece of certified mail, so will report on conditions from here to the River Inn, where I hope to have a locals lunch.

Openings planned for 10 am to 11 am; 2 pm to 3 pm; then again at 6 pm, which should be (if all goes as planned) open for the evening.

ODAY, CALTRANS PLANS TO REOPEN THE HWY. 1 AT LIMEKILN TO ESCORTED TRAFFIC FOR ONE HOUR AT BOTH 10 AM AND 2 PM AND THEN CONTINUOUSLY, INCLUDING OVERNIGHT HOURS, AT 6 PM THIS EVENING. Several tons of mud and rock have fallen on the roadway but crews/ contractors made excellent progress yesterday after the inclement weather passed. Motorists should remain very alert as conditions can change at any moment. Caltrans will issue another update tomorrow morning, Monday, March 28.

Also, you might be interested in these, taken yesterday afternoon at Lucia.

Lucia cracks by Brendon Shave

Perspective by Brendon Shave

Looking at these, and with what I know of the road there, I believe this is at the south end of the parking area, but not sure, and the number one son never ids his stuff for me! (He’s been away from Big Sur a lot of years!)