Sunset on the March Storms

What better way to end the storms than with a view like this. It was taken earlier this month, but doesn’t it just express the hope that comes with the end of these storms? We are in for a dry week, and temperatures climbing into the 70s and possibly 80s by Thursday. Sing Hallelujah!

Rainbow by Kenny Comello

And I have a couple sunsets I took tonight and one or two from Ken Cowan. Feel free to send yours for me to add tomorrow. No more tonight. I am beat! I’ll add mine, and any others I get (if a reasonable number) tomorrow. And then, I am back to my paying job, and getting things picked up around here after these horrific winds and rains. Blessed be.

A River runs through it

Here is one of the Big Sur River near River Inn, which is fine, did not have to evacuate, and is putting on the locals night as planned tonight. Who is that crazy guy? (Hint – he’s related to me)

Muddy Mill Creek, 3/26/11, by Jeff Parrish

And here are some sent to me by Mark Readdie of Big Creek taken yesterday by Terry and Feyner.

Big Creek white water

Big Creek Beach

Big Creek beach underwater

Stranded in Paradise

Yeah, it is tough, but someone’s got to do it. Yesterday, Avis went out and about and reminded us of the beauty we live among here on the south coast. Ken Cowen did the same yesterday up north and he, too sent some photos for us to enjoy. There are 5 I will be uploading, and then one of the Big Sur River taken this afternoon, if the internet Goddess is kind to me. She is being feisty at the moment.

The sun will come out tomorrow.

Little Sur, 3/25/11 by Ken Cowen
Waves at Little Sur, 3/25/11, by Ken Cowen
Little Sur #2, 3/25/11, Ken Cowan
Lighthouse, 3/25/11, by Ken Cowen
Wild Bird House, 3/25/11, by Ken Cowen

Hour opening canceled

It has been pouring down here and the wind is howling. Rocks continue to fall and the hoped for hour opening is not going to happen. Cal-Trans won’t be issuing another update until tomorrow.

Also, got a report from county (which I think I posted below, but I am losing it – the “it” being my mind- , so I’ll post again) that there is a slide on Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. at mile marker 7. It is passable and crews are working on it, but be cautious. This also underscores that if taking this road, be on the look out for slides. You could come upon them before the county is even aware of it.

Also, Colin indicated that a helicopter service is being instituted Monday. “Community officials are coordinating with Caltrans and CHP to provide limited helicopter shuttle service from Rocky Point restaurant to Little Sur River Bridge beginning Monday, March 28 @ 10 am.”

Lots of rumors about a 6 pm opening – that has not been confirmed from any official source, it is rumor only at this point. Colin Jones just called to adamantly deny that rumor – “at this point.” Remember, folks, this is a fluid situation, just like the darn mud, and everything changes

Also, if I might indulge on a personal note? While this is personal to me, and is something I am quite aware of, I am willing to bet that all up and down this coast local businesses are doing the same thing for their employees and locals alike. These just happen to be the ones I’ve heard about today. Lucia has been providing my son with a place to stay last night and tonight, even when he only gets to work an hour, as there is not enough business to justify keeping the kitchen open. Thank you Ken Harlan! Alan Perlmutter has encouraged him to hang in front of the fireplace at the River Inn and enjoy the company of others, and has also instituted great dinners for locals so that we don’t feels so isolated. Thank you Alan and Janet!

To our entire business community – I salute you for making the best of a horrific situation and shining in the midst of this grayness like the stars that you are! Blessings from this isolated mountain top.

One hour opening in southern slide today, 3/26

11:30 am – skeleton staff at River Inn, kitchen at Lucia closed, businesses helping out locals when and how they can, pulling together, making it through until at least one direction is open. I have heard nothing re the very southern portion of Highway One, which I am assuming is good news.

*IMPORTANT* Also, just in from County re Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. it is open but there is a slide about the 7 mile marker the county crew is working on, so use caution.

10:30 am – LOCALS AND STRANDED TOURISTS CAUGHT INSIDE THE TWO SLIDES ONLY, there will be a one hour opening to get home or out between 2 and 3 pm. Of course, this is dependent on the weather, and it has been pouring down here since dawn. Please, if you live out of the area and just want to see if the road is “really closed” – stay home. We need this small window of opportunity to get supplies, medical attention, to get to family and friends. We will welcome you next week when the weather is predicted to be great, assuming one end of the roadway is open for traffic, which the south should be.

See you then?