Sunset on the March Storms

What better way to end the storms than with a view like this. It was taken earlier this month, but doesn’t it just express the hope that comes with the end of these storms? We are in for a dry week, and temperatures climbing into the 70s and possibly 80s by Thursday. Sing Hallelujah!

Rainbow by Kenny Comello

And I have a couple sunsets I took tonight and one or two from Ken Cowan. Feel free to send yours for me to add tomorrow. No more tonight. I am beat! I’ll add mine, and any others I get (if a reasonable number) tomorrow. And then, I am back to my paying job, and getting things picked up around here after these horrific winds and rains. Blessed be.

4 thoughts on “Sunset on the March Storms

  1. What a beautiful shot, I do love rainbows, the symbol of hope.
    So nice to have a break in the weather for the next week. Time to regroup and dry out. And open the highway!

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