No emergencies no bigsurkate

1. No update from CT on Alder until Fri so it remains closed on Thursday it sounds like.

2. Don McQueen tells me that the cribbing on the Rocky Creek actually replaced the original redwood cribbing used by the convict crew, and that Wally Hinkle put that cribbing in in the 60s. Rock Knocker is my primary source for information about the road, with 30 years experience, but he admits he had a brain fart here. I’ve arranged for Rock Knocker and I to go interview Don McQueen in the next couple of weeks.

3. The teaser by MCWeekly on FB places the Rocky Creek closure on Marcy 17th. That is incorrect. It happened on March 16th.

Lastly, this from Monterey Communications:

Monterey Salinas Transit is prepared to run a shuttle from the north end of the Highway 1 slide to Carmel and Monterey. MST is seeking input from the Big Sur community on how frequently this would be needed. Please send your comments regarding the shuttle to the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce.

Here is the tentative shuttle schedule MST has developed:

7:30 a.m. Shuttle pick up from the northern end of the slide, coincides with pedestrian access time. Shuttle stops include:

Crossroads on Rio Road (at Blackbear)
Del Monte Center
Cass Street
Transit Plaza, Downtown Monterey

4:00 p.m. Shuttle returns to north end of the slide, coinciding with pedestrian access times.

From each of the shuttle stops, riders can access bus routes throughout the county. The ride back to Big Sur will repeat the stops in the reverse. The shuttle can carry 18 seated and 7 standing passengers. It can accommodate two wheelchairs, which would reduce seated capacity to 16.

Please forward your comments regarding the shuttle schedule to the Big Sur Chamber.

Information regarding garbage service:

Thursday 3/31/11 – Waste Management will send two trucks to Big Sur via Nacimiento Fergusson Road for garbage collection. The trucks will initially target commercial garbage needs. Should the trucks not be able to reach Big Sur using this route, the Monterey County Health Department will identify other means to handle solid waste.
Back tomorrow, maybe.