There’s an app for that!

First, I apologize. I have been lost inside my new iPhone for the last couple of days. This technology is amazing! Once I figure out its application to blogging, I will share my experiences with you.

iPhone 4G

I also had to go to town for a few days, then spent Friday in Big Sur. During all of this, I followed the earthquake in Japan (my son has an earthquake app, and so let me know shortly after it happened) and the resulting tsanami, both causing significant devastation. Monterey was lucky, Santa Cruz was not.

One thing about being out and about is that I took some photographs I will share over the next few days. I am still getting used to the iPhone camera, but it does have some capabilities my more expensive Nikon D-90 has not, so I can tell I will be carrying and shooting both.

But here is one I took with the iPhone and the camera bag app. It imitates some of the old-fashioned cameras and photo styles.

1974 style

This was taken of the field across from Don Harlan’s place. The new owners completely covered several of these ocean terraces with poppies. It is beautiful!

Looks like I have found out that I can, at a minimum, edit posts from the iPhone.