Openings on southern slide

1:30 pm – I am taking the rest of the day off from blogging, if possible, so I can catch up on my other job – the one that pays the bills for this one! Tomorrow, I have to make a trip to the Big Sur Post Office to track down a very important piece of certified mail, so will report on conditions from here to the River Inn, where I hope to have a locals lunch.

Openings planned for 10 am to 11 am; 2 pm to 3 pm; then again at 6 pm, which should be (if all goes as planned) open for the evening.

ODAY, CALTRANS PLANS TO REOPEN THE HWY. 1 AT LIMEKILN TO ESCORTED TRAFFIC FOR ONE HOUR AT BOTH 10 AM AND 2 PM AND THEN CONTINUOUSLY, INCLUDING OVERNIGHT HOURS, AT 6 PM THIS EVENING. Several tons of mud and rock have fallen on the roadway but crews/ contractors made excellent progress yesterday after the inclement weather passed. Motorists should remain very alert as conditions can change at any moment. Caltrans will issue another update tomorrow morning, Monday, March 28.

Also, you might be interested in these, taken yesterday afternoon at Lucia.

Lucia cracks by Brendon Shave

Perspective by Brendon Shave

Looking at these, and with what I know of the road there, I believe this is at the south end of the parking area, but not sure, and the number one son never ids his stuff for me! (He’s been away from Big Sur a lot of years!)

5 thoughts on “Openings on southern slide

  1. Those cracks aren’t looking good at all…. hopefully cal trans can keep a handle on it while we wait for the north to open!

  2. Good to get this info out. Thanks. Its nice to have the sunshine out today. Drive safe if out and about

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