Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. update, 3/27/11

One of my neighbors called to report that there is an area on Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. about 1/4 mile east from the summit which is narrowing, due to slide/slip out activity. I have reported this to Monterey County Communications, who reports there was a slide in this area yesterday, and that crews are working it and keeping an eye on it, and that the crew is either there or will be there to check on it this afternoon, and will continue their twice a day patrol of the road, which is still open at this time. Once the Chimney slide at Limekiln is open to traffic again at 6 pm this evening, any locals planning on using N-F Rd. as a means of getting to or from Monterey, need to be aware of this problem area, and continue to go slow and be extra cautious around the turns.

Also reports have confirmed that the power outage in Big Sur is also being experienced in Monterey. Unknown cause at this time.

CORRECTION – My neighbor called about South Coast Ridge Rd. not N-F Rd. but the county information is accurate.

8 thoughts on “Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. update, 3/27/11

  1. Power is back in town. I was told it affected not only the Peninsula, but Salinas as well! We still don’t know what happened. Ironic power would go out on the first sunny day we’ve had it quite awhile.

  2. Power back on at Molera too. Just came on. Spent some time outside enjoying the nice weather. Didn’t even have to fire up the generator. Clouds rolling in now.

  3. Thanks, Kate for the N-F Road update, ’cause I may be going that way to Pacific Valley School early tomorrow. I’ll keep check on any further news you get.

  4. Might all just be rumour but I’ve heard there were outages from Humbolt down to Santa Barbara. Also that they were rolling blackouts.???

  5. Hoyt Axton ,walked on stage, 1/2 hour late to a booing packed house –and stated, you can’t be late if you don’t show up-a fine time was enjoyed by all

  6. Looks like they just closed the road again 2 miles south of Gorda just heard in on the chp scanner channel.

  7. I crossed N-F road to the coast this afternoon and arrived at Hwy 1 at 5pm. I encountered no rocks or mud on the road. I only saw 7 cars the whole drive from Jolon. All headed east. It was a beautiful drive, actually. A lot of snow can be seen on Cone Peak and Junipera Serra. The valley oaks are just starting to leaf out. Creeks are full and the grass is green.

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