A River runs through it

Here is one of the Big Sur River near River Inn, which is fine, did not have to evacuate, and is putting on the locals night as planned tonight. Who is that crazy guy? (Hint – he’s related to me)

Muddy Mill Creek, 3/26/11, by Jeff Parrish

And here are some sent to me by Mark Readdie of Big Creek taken yesterday by Terry and Feyner.

Big Creek white water

Big Creek Beach

Big Creek beach underwater

9 thoughts on “A River runs through it

  1. HOLEY SMOKES!!! Hope the lad was very careful because that looks VERY dangerous.

  2. Response 1: Matthew 14:25-31. Even Peter’s not gonna try this one.
    Response 2: Yes, that’s very nice, but please don’t do that again.
    You don’t want Mom to have all gray hair, do you?
    Response 3: When I was his age, I did that up in Post Creek on a much dryer redwood log, and that was scarry enough.

  3. That young man in the blue is a Capricorn, and is truly and unbelievably a goat. He can climb anything under any conditions and never lose his balance. I learned to let him be when he was 5 and trust him and his abilities. I would have been white-haired by 30 otherwise.

  4. Up Nacimiento road, over in Fort Hunter Liggett, when you go over the bridge, you may see a SURFABLE WAVE in the river where the water goes over the road. When I drove by it the other day (with surfboard in truck), I was tempted, but I passed on it…so cold, and even snow…and had to keep to my responsibilities. But it was quite a sight. I have ridden a similar standing wave in the rapids of the Payette River in the mountains of Idaho. Yes, a wipeout means a big flush down the rapids.

  5. to think man once docked steam/sail powered ships up and down along this coast, to bring and take commence-and now it’s staionary wave’s to watch for on the nacimiento creek?–just kidding lol–, I do see a lot of the same faces
    on todays road workers as I’ve seen in them shiphands faces of yesteryear

  6. Ken,
    There are still a few who ply the waters up and down this coast to bring and take commerce. There are three of us left from the little fleet of skiff fishermen out of Mill Creek. In time, we will be just a memory too.

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