Stranded in Paradise

Yeah, it is tough, but someone’s got to do it. Yesterday, Avis went out and about and reminded us of the beauty we live among here on the south coast. Ken Cowen did the same yesterday up north and he, too sent some photos for us to enjoy. There are 5 I will be uploading, and then one of the Big Sur River taken this afternoon, if the internet Goddess is kind to me. She is being feisty at the moment.

The sun will come out tomorrow.

Little Sur, 3/25/11 by Ken Cowen
Waves at Little Sur, 3/25/11, by Ken Cowen
Little Sur #2, 3/25/11, Ken Cowan
Lighthouse, 3/25/11, by Ken Cowen
Wild Bird House, 3/25/11, by Ken Cowen

8 thoughts on “Stranded in Paradise

  1. Stranded in Paradise, yes, it could be worse. The photos you have posted remind us all of the quintessential beauty that is Big Sur. You are most fortunate to live there. Someday I will again!

  2. Nice shots Ken. I haven’t seen the mouth of the Little Sur that wide in some time. And the waves yesterday were amazing! You really captured the beauty nicely.

  3. whoa – just seen footage of Limekiln taken today – HUGE (car-sized) rocks coming down – NO WAY they can let people across or even work on the slide.

  4. I just saw the same report down here in SLO, looks pretty bad….my daughter works at the Hermitage, looks like NOT this week. Stay safe all.

  5. Here’s something sweet in the midst of the road closure news – I performed two weddings while Big Sur was an island this week – one on Thursday overlooking the clear gray ocean, and one under the redwoods by the flowing river on Saturday. Both couples were beautifully dressed in wedding gown and suit, with bridal bouquets, and last minute photographers….. the crew at the Phoenix helped do makeup and Tracie was a stand in makeup/hair/bridesmaid to one bride. Their photographers couldn’t be here, so last minute help came from talented local photographers Tom Birmingham and Chris Sutton. Both weddings were unique, loving and heartfelt, carefully photographed and official! Beauty is all around us, and it was an honor to share the quiet time of Big Sur in such a magical way.

  6. “omg”, texted Estrella (a 15 year old valley girl), glancing up from her notebook display of the BigSurKate blog. “These people up in Big Sur are so, so trapped”. Her older sister, Chelsea, quickly took her eyes off the road, read her sisters msg, and using her very bright, pink right index fingernail extension, pecked back: “What are they gonna eat? or wear?”she thoughtfully added, just as suddenly swerving to miss a delivery truck in the opposite lane. The two sisters were close. They were, in fact, sitting next to each other. It was merely their preference to communicate in this fashion- as fashion was an important issue. To be ‘seen’ in public, talking to a younger person, even a sister, would be sooo humiliating, thought Chelsea. So, they each continued to ponder the great dilemma: Lost In Paradise. “Meh”, Estrella verbalized, perhaps to her older sisters horror, then inexplicably typed: “2 b lost in paradise”

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