Hour opening canceled

It has been pouring down here and the wind is howling. Rocks continue to fall and the hoped for hour opening is not going to happen. Cal-Trans won’t be issuing another update until tomorrow.

Also, got a report from county (which I think I posted below, but I am losing it – the “it” being my mind- , so I’ll post again) that there is a slide on Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. at mile marker 7. It is passable and crews are working on it, but be cautious. This also underscores that if taking this road, be on the look out for slides. You could come upon them before the county is even aware of it.

Also, Colin indicated that a helicopter service is being instituted Monday. “Community officials are coordinating with Caltrans and CHP to provide limited helicopter shuttle service from Rocky Point restaurant to Little Sur River Bridge beginning Monday, March 28 @ 10 am.”

Lots of rumors about a 6 pm opening – that has not been confirmed from any official source, it is rumor only at this point. Colin Jones just called to adamantly deny that rumor – “at this point.” Remember, folks, this is a fluid situation, just like the darn mud, and everything changes

Also, if I might indulge on a personal note? While this is personal to me, and is something I am quite aware of, I am willing to bet that all up and down this coast local businesses are doing the same thing for their employees and locals alike. These just happen to be the ones I’ve heard about today. Lucia has been providing my son with a place to stay last night and tonight, even when he only gets to work an hour, as there is not enough business to justify keeping the kitchen open. Thank you Ken Harlan! Alan Perlmutter has encouraged him to hang in front of the fireplace at the River Inn and enjoy the company of others, and has also instituted great dinners for locals so that we don’t feels so isolated. Thank you Alan and Janet!

To our entire business community – I salute you for making the best of a horrific situation and shining in the midst of this grayness like the stars that you are! Blessings from this isolated mountain top.

3 thoughts on “Hour opening canceled

  1. Yes ditto from me on what Rain said, blessings, thanks and everyone stay safe. Dry weather on the way.

  2. Thanks so much for your updates. As a small business owner in Cambria we’re definitely feeling the impact of the weather and road closures, but feel more concern for all businesses and residents (voluntary or not) north of us. Personally, with my sweetheart at Esalen and a son working for the state at Pfeiffer, I’m regularly checking this blog for information – so appreciated!

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