One hour opening in southern slide today, 3/26

11:30 am – skeleton staff at River Inn, kitchen at Lucia closed, businesses helping out locals when and how they can, pulling together, making it through until at least one direction is open. I have heard nothing re the very southern portion of Highway One, which I am assuming is good news.

*IMPORTANT* Also, just in from County re Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. it is open but there is a slide about the 7 mile marker the county crew is working on, so use caution.

10:30 am – LOCALS AND STRANDED TOURISTS CAUGHT INSIDE THE TWO SLIDES ONLY, there will be a one hour opening to get home or out between 2 and 3 pm. Of course, this is dependent on the weather, and it has been pouring down here since dawn. Please, if you live out of the area and just want to see if the road is “really closed” – stay home. We need this small window of opportunity to get supplies, medical attention, to get to family and friends. We will welcome you next week when the weather is predicted to be great, assuming one end of the roadway is open for traffic, which the south should be.

See you then?

2 thoughts on “One hour opening in southern slide today, 3/26

  1. Just back from slide
    was told that as long as it rains
    no one is going through…
    The 2-3 run was cancelled until???
    Lots of rocks/boulders coming down
    Thank you

  2. Keep up the good work!

    -from the Spirit Garden

    What’s the situation with the mail?

    Thank you and to be continued…

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