Big Sur takes care of her own

First, Avis, my sister of the heart, thanks for taking care of my blog while I took the day off. AND, I didn’t even ask … you just helped out. Damn, that is why I love this place so much!

Second, Danny, thanks for sharing your photos with all of us so we know what is REALLY going on down here.

Third, thank you Big Sur for taking care of me when I ran out of my place in such a state this morning that I forgot my purse. No money, no credit cards, nothing but my name, and yet, I got lunch, drinks, gas, and home safely. Thanks to a lot of friends and businesses. This community is SO fine!

I also got to check in with the businesses and their employees … and I am impressed. This community is like few others. That will be the subject of my column and post tomorrow.

I have a column to write for the Cambrian and SLO Tribune and bigsurkate due by tomorrow, and lots of photos I took today, so I will be back in the morning.

If one has to be cut off, stranded, isolated, whatever, what better place than Big Sur?

3 thoughts on “Big Sur takes care of her own

  1. I so loved your vibrant hat today Kate. I knew as soon as I saw you from behind that I thought it was you, but more than that, I thought who is this person. Definitely someone who takes ownership of her life and has a presence that got my attention.
    This has me posted to the second time I have encountered your lovely energy. So glad that Big Sur took care of you like you take care of us. I felt very privileged to be such a part of your community that I recognized you. Bless you and happy to be a part.
    Love, Pam

  2. You are so very welcome. And yeah…this place is special and so are YOU!!!

  3. Your beautiful community spirit is something a lot of folks only dream of. We look forward to visiting again when the road clears and as always hold Big Sur in our hearts… I can’t remember a time I haven’t returned from Big Sur feeling completely renewed and highly inspired. As we say in Maui, Hana hou! More work to do yet. And the spirit is rising!

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