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From Wild Big Sur: “At the meeting CalTrans reported the Limekiln Creek slide area will take the “best part of the week” to clear, and the Rocky Creek collapse repair is “on schedule and should be done by the end of the month.” Also, they set a schedule for pedestrian crossings at the collapse site – 7 am and 4 pm, for all who are in line at that time to walk over from either side.
I am going over Nacimiento to “the other side” now and will take my laptop and iPhone (238 0865) to stay in contact. Everyone can continue posting here.
jack ”

For whatever reason, the vast majority of my comments/post to Wild Big Sur are not allowed, so, I will post here. There is a significant error – it is ALDER CREEK NOT LIMEKILN THAT WILL BE CLOSED FOR A WEEK. IF IT WAS LIMEKILN, JACK WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO GET TO NACIMIENTO-FERFUSSON TOMORROW.

1:45 pm – one report out of today’s meeting is Ped access starting tomorrow. 7:00 am and again at 4PM only until the last pedestrian in line AT THAT TIME is across. Escorted. The second important piece of information is that it is looking like a one lane opening will not happen in the middle of the month, closer to the end. Also, there will be a weight restriction of 5 tons, which will heavily impact the businesses and campgrounds. Further, this one lane with weight restriction could be in place for up to a year.

11 am – currently, the news continues to be that Alder Creek slide is a 2-7 day slide. Limekiln slid again last night, but Cal-Trans got one lane open this morning. Current reports are that Nacimiento-Fergusson is open.

Remember, just because I write something is open (or closed) at 11 am, doesn’t mean that it will be the same at noon. It was reported to me that one local expressed his dissatisfaction with my blog because road conditions were different than reported here. Conditions change much more rapidly than any one can possibly report on. I am only one – with help from Avis when she can – and the road and Mother Nature do not listen to me, at all, ever.

Don’t forget the helicopter ferry started yesterday. Email Stan Russell at info@bigsurcalifornia.org for arrangements.

I have some photos of all sorts of things slide-related I will get them up sometime this afternoon, I hope.

But here are some “views” from yesterday;

Chimney Slide near Limekiln after opening by bigsurkate

Packard Beach, double waterfall by bigsurkate

Sunset from Ventana by bigsurkate

The lights come on at Nepenthe by bigsurkate

Alder Creek closure by bigsurkate

11 thoughts on “Tuesday’s News & Views

  1. Your info has always BEEN THE BEST…DA KINE, no matter if things faster than you can report. Calling the shots with planning travel around here requires a thorough check of all sources (including yours…as the most useful of the works), and even with that one sometimes just has to go and see with one’s own two eyes!
    This morning, N-F Road was just fine.,,but go slow and watch for those surprises coming the other way around the blind curves.

  2. I must say, I very much enjoy your blog Kate. The one local who expressed their negative opinion should start a Blog of their own and or offer more information. All one can do is try and get the most current information out and your doing a great job. If the darn rocks and debris would just cooperate it would be easier to stay on top of the situation. 🙂 I am off to the C-T meeting, yes its at the lodge.

  3. Hi Kate, Thank you so much for all your information! It is very helpful. Is Hwy One open from the South to get to Kirk Creek and Plaskett? Thanks again for all you do.

  4. As Imperial Emperor of the Universe, All Rocks, Mud, and Jade,
    I do hereby order all the rocks and debris to remain exactly in place immediately and permanently until I declare otherwise.

    ….Awww c’mon…give me a break!

  5. Kate you always got the story right,,,,,Even in the desert roads are closed from the blowing sand last weekend,,,,love to be in BS but the desert is a little more friendly for getting around in the rainy season. thanks for all your info,,its like reading the local news without buying the paper!

  6. Big Sur Kate, The lifeline of the Big Sur Coast. Thank You for all your hard work.

  7. Have just arrived back in Cambria after two glorious days stranded in Big Sur. Nacimiento road was in good shape around 2pm. Many slides evident, yet clear all the way. There’s quite a lot of traffic though – so extra caution on the turns. All the updates and photos on this blog have been very helpful, much appreciated.

  8. Does the information about pedestrian crossings apply to Rocky Creek? That would be really good news. Thanks for keeping the information flowing.

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