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As most of you know, I took the day to go out and about in Big Sur. Beautiful day, little traffic, and with this weather, a perfect day to take in our lovely coast.

But before I get to that, here are some photos of the Alder Creek slide taken this morning by Rock Knocker:

Here are some of the photos I took yesterday. Now, with the iPhone, it takes me twice as long, since I have to grab my shots with both cameras, now!

5 thoughts on “Slide Photos and other stories

  1. The photos aren’t labeled so I’m confused. All but one show a huge slide covering both lines. The other photo shows a much smaller slide covering only one lane. Where/when was that smaller one taken?

  2. Suzi, I removed that one, I hope, as that is not the Alder Creek slide, but the Mud Creek slide, and it was included inadvertently.

  3. Have just arrived back in Cambria after two glorious days stranded in Big Sur. Nacimiento road was in good shape around 2pm. Many slides evident, yet clear all the way. There’s quite a lot of traffic though – so extra caution on the turns. All the updates and photos on this blog have been very helpful. Thank you!

  4. Hi bigsurkate, Now this is exactly why I did not want to spend the winter at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park as a campground host. I was afraid of being isolated by a landslide on the road, the road crumbling or the Big Sur River flooding. Although it is beautiful there, I did not see myself as being able to handle being cut off from other parts of the coast and from my husband John (who works in Salinas). Thanks for listing me in your Odds ‘N Ends list! Take care.

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