Alder Creek Slide Photos

3:30PM –  Hi Everyone.  Avis here again. The lovely Big Sur Kate is taking a much needed day of R & R.

Danny Millsap the  Caltrans Maintenance Supervisor just sent me these photo’s of the Alder Creek Slide that happened over night. These were taken early this morning. Alder Creek is south of the town of Gorda. The slide is at the 8 MM.

4:15PM – I just spoke with Danny and to quote him  ” Two days or more. Could be a week working as fast as they can safely” before they get this one cleaned up.

I also spoke to many people who traveled Naciemiento Road today and they say the road is clean and in great shape.  So Big Sur, our one and only way in and out across Naciemiento is looking great.

The road from Naciemiento north to the Big Sur Valley is looking good too.

Alder Creek Slide 3/28/2011
Alder Creek Slide Hauling out the dirt
Danny just sent this. Alder taken at 1600 hours

Enjoy the sunshine and be safe out there. Things can change in a moment.

9 thoughts on “Alder Creek Slide Photos

  1. That crack Kate posted around Lucia looked really serious… any info???

  2. Anne, The crack is still there. I guess the road workers are just busy trying to get the road open. There is a one lane through that part and has been since they started the construction of a wall there last October. No one has to drive on that part. If they did I know the workers would get it filled.

  3. Great photos of the Alder Creek slide, Avis. And Danny. Thanks. Cal Trans are really bustin’ their butts to fix the hwy. Big thanks to all the crews. It is dangerous work.
    Just when it was looking good for Limekiln to be passable, Alder goes down; and, that nasty big ‘paper towel’ depth crack (or was that Texas TP?) photo from B. near Lucia. Keep a watch on that one.
    These are modern times, and the Chamber, and/or grocers, and CHP (helicopters) are capable of organizing to bring in supplies for those in need, or emergencies.
    This is one more memorable time. Peace.

  4. At least it looks like the road is still there under all the dirt. I hate it when slides take the road along with half the hillside.

  5. I love Big sur this is wonderful place, I hope everybody is fine..Estrano mucho big sur es un lugar maravillos, espero pronto se pueda abrir para ke puedan visitar ese hermoso lugar.

  6. As one non-local who was stranded for a bit after the Limekiln slide, all I can say is THANKS to all the workers who made it possible to leave when I did (Sunday AM).

    After driving past, seeing the danger they’re in and knowing how tired they must be, I am convinced that whatever they’re getting paid, it’s not nearly enough.

    And thanks to Kate and Avis for the updates! When I visit again, I’ll know right where to turn for first hand info.

  7. My kids would love to be watching the excavators and road work. I showed them the pictures and they were ready to go!
    Hope everyone is doing well. Many thanks do those doing this work.

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