Snow in the Santa Lucia Mountains

Saturday, Dan Danbom took a trip down my way, and the snow followed. He sent me a number of phenomenal shots which he said I could share with you. If you compare the times of his shots, to those of mine, you will see he arrived at the same time as the snow. Thank you for sharing with us, Dan!

Toward Big Creek by Dan Danbom

Here, it is 1:51 pm, and the storm is approaching. In fact, it starts snowing about 15 minutes after this shot is taken.
Fergusson Rd. by Dan Danbom

Dan has started the climb up Nacimiento-Fegusson Rd. and so has the snow. It is now 2:35 pm.
Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. by Dan Danbom

Tire tracks in the snow show there *is* a road there, thankfully, but this one can be quite difficult on a clear, sunny day.
Side of Nacimiento-Fergusson by Dan Danbom

It may be difficult to drive in, but it sure is pretty.
Snow at Limekiln Creek by Dan Danbom

This was taken at 4:53 pm. Snow fell all the way down to just feet above the ocean. Pretty amazing.
Cone Peak from Limekiln Bridge by Dan Danbom