Lost Dog in Palo Colorado Canyon

I already sent this to WildBigSur, but just in case, I wanted to get a wide audience – y’all know how I feel about dogs. I am also forwarding to Martha Diehl, another dog person, who can post to the Palo Colorado Canyon list.

Hi, Im new to the area.. I heard there is a website for Big Sur locals for updates and news. I cant find friends of palo colorado’s website/blog. I was hoping you could direct me to the right website or post something on yours
I lost my dog Shawnee on Friday during the storm.. I live in Palo Colorado Canyon. She’s a female, 1 years old, black and white. If you have any information or anywhere I can go to post, it is greatly appreciated.

I attached a picture of her.

Thanks for your time,

Shawnee by Bethany Lancaster

5 thoughts on “Lost Dog in Palo Colorado Canyon

  1. …Be sure to call the SPCA and city/county animal control. Sometimes good samaritans will turn a loose dog in to those places.

  2. Oh Good Lord! This sweet sweet dog has been running loose in Palo for weeks. We have been having to stop in the road to avoid hitting her. I met her in the road when I was out for a walk. She is just adorable. Our whole neighborhood has got its knickers in a wad over her neglect. She has had meals and sleepovers with neighbors who worried about her. Evidently, the fire chief spoke to her people about how dangerous it is for that gorgeous creature to be running loose but we keep finding her all over. Until now I guess. So very sad. I only hope she has found a better home.

  3. Saw your dog Heading down Garrapatos rd. at 2:30 PM.
    The wind was coming down the canyon.
    …Dogs like rocky point, if the is on shore.

  4. Check petharbor.com it is a great website that allows you to post your lost pet, you will also be able to search our local animal shelters for your pet. Good luck.

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