June 3, 2009 – Dakota

While we wait on the fate of our State Parks, while we hope for more rain (and little lightning, please), I thought I’d bring everyone up-to-date on Dakota.

It has been over a month that she had been confined to quarters. She is not allowed outside until her wound has closed up. She still has a gap of an inch or more which is taking a very long time to heal. She went to the vet again on Friday. Every night I must irrigate it with a betadine/saline solution — a lot of it. Neither one of us likes this process. We have to do this for 2 weeks, and then she goes back to the vet. This has been a long and difficult road for the two of us.

We’ll both be glad when she can go outside on her own again.

On another note — I had a lot of fire clearance done yesterday. Everything is looking so good!! My view, which is always great, is even more spectacular now.  Also “groomed” some Oaks, and what a difference that makes. I want them ALL groomed like that. One more day next week, and it is all done. A photo when my camera arrives. It gets shipped tomorrow. Yeah!!

3 thoughts on “June 3, 2009 – Dakota

  1. Considering what Dakota went through, it sounds to me that she’s doing prety darned good. Hopefully the two of you will be outside walking again soon!

    Also… no thunderstorms yet. No lightening thank God.

  2. Good luck with Dakota! It really shows a person’s worth when they rise to the occasions that come with pets and their needs. You are a good ‘pet’ person!! (and I know…I’ve been a pet sitter for 20+ years!!)

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