Lost Dogs in Coastlands — FOUND!

“Hi Kate
We have a home in Coastlands 48310 Highway 1. 2 of our dogs escaped last night and we have been looking for them all night. Photographs are attached. They are Dylan (the black one) and Little Bear (Grey guy) they are friendly and little bear is a pup. Could you post to the blog in the hope that someone has seen or found them?” Best number to contact owner, Lowell Strauss per Patte Kronlund is: 415-272-4954

Dylan (left) and Little Bear (right)

Lost Dog, Torre Canyon — South Side — Found!

Update, this pup has been found! She was on the side of the road with the help of friends and all of us watching out, she has been located. Thanks, all.

Our pup Naia ran away Monday night 6/17 around 7:30pm from our friend’s home at 50510 highway 1. She was spotted just south of the home but is timid and wouldn’t come to the people who saw her. Could you please post her photo and our phone numbers? Cell is 612-219-2534 or 612-743-8997, or can call Andrew and Shelby at 831-667-2281. Thank you so much, Anastasia and Cole 

Lost Dog – Golden Retrievers, Bentley

“This is David Sanguinetti (831-227-8950, sangox8@yahoo.com).  I tried calling the Station, but can’t seem to get anybody to answer the telephone, only long information. We have been dealing with my lost son (found at Big Creek) and dog (still lost).  Thank you for the information on Big Creek.  On Friday, 5/17, Deputy Jesse Villasenor failed in locating our dog Bently.”


The map above was an estimate of the path taken before son found in Big Creek and may not be accurate. Tim Bills at Big Sur Stations says: “Based on your description, it sounds like Steven took the following route:

Kirk Creek Trail to Vicente Flat Camp (5 miles)
Stone Ridge Trail toward Gamboa Trail area (6.6 miles)
Ojito Camp Spur Trail (listed as difficult) (3/4 mile)
This is where he was likely off trail leading into the South Fork of Devil’s Canyon to Canoga Falls and downstream ultimately ending in the Big Creek tributaries and drainage.”
As I understand it, the dog was with the lost son, but they became separated somehow. Son found, dog not. The camp hosts at both Kirk Creek and Limekiln are aware and will keep an eye out, as is Rich at the Hermitage.
Just sent by fathe approx 1 pm Saturday:

Dear Big Sur Kate,

Thank you for the postings.  I did not realize they were up, as I have been searching for my Son and our dog Bently.  I will try to briefly cover what transpired, so that the information is more detailed for visitors in the area:
-Saturday, 4/11, Steven and Bently hiked into the Los Padres National Forest on the Vincente Flat Trail, across from Kirk Creek Campground on Hwy 1
-Monday, 4/13, they got lost on the Ojito trail going into the closed Ojito Trail Camp, off of the Gamboa Trail, west of Cone Peak.
-They ended up on Devils Canyon Creek, and ultimately on Big Creek.  They hiked for 2 days, reaching a point before the first upper falls, where he had to leave Bently because of exhaustion and paw pad injury.
-Steven left Bently on a south side slope of Big Creek, about a hundred yards up, below the base of a couple of trees, on a blue sleeping bag, next to a blue backpack, with what food and water he had left.
-Steven continued down the drainage and water falls, until he came out at the Big Creek Reserve residences at Hwy 1 on Thursday, 5/16
-The Monterey County Sheriff, Search and Rescue, and CHP Helicopter searched the drainage for 10 hours on Friday, 5/17, with no sighting of Bently or Steven’s camping gear.  There is no further planned searching to be scheduled.
-We believe they searched farther down the drainage than where Steven actually left his gear and Bently, because the upper half of the drainage had too much tree cover to see from the helicopter to lower rescuers.
-Bently’s last location would not have allowed him to travel down the watershed because of the falls, and there were some formations that would have made it difficult for him to go back up the drainage.  It is unknown if he could have continued up the side of the drainage to the south or north onto the drainage ridges.
-The picture of Bently, posted on Tuesday, 5/14, is very accurate.  He weighs 55 lbs, is reddish in color, and does not have his collar and identification on.  He has been chipped by his veterinarian.
-If found, please contact:
David Sanguinetti
Thank You for any help you an give.”

Lost pup, Clear Ridge on Sunday – Found at Linda Parker’s on Fronthill!

Good afternoon. I am up visiting my parents in Big Sur (on Clear Ridge) and my dog has gone missing at around 2pm this afternoon. I am hopeful that you’d be willing to post a missing pup note on your blog so that anyone who might check it will be able to help get her back to us.
Her name is Bailey and she is an amazingly friendly brindle pitbull catahoula mix. She’s around 40lbs and is wearing a black collar as well as a grey flea collar. Neither of them have a tag on them but she’ll definitely respond when called. She went missing at the top of clear ridge at 2pm today (Sunday). She’s not one to run  away or even wander very far so Im imagining someone picked her up from the driveway entrance to my parents house or something else happened to her 🙁
The address to my parents house (Eduardo Eizner and Carolyn Shearer) is 46205 Clear Ridge Road. There are signs at both Pfeiffer beach entrance and the river inn entrance noting her disappearance.
My number is (831) 521-7165
Or we can be reached at