German Sheppard found in Big Sur

Hi Kate We found a German Shepherd on Highway 1 and was told to reach out to you. The dog was running up and down the highway the last 2-3 days and we figured we would take her to the vet and check if she was chipped. Unfortunately no Chip was found, and we were wondering if there is anyway you could help us find the owner. 
Dogs info: 9-11 months Female had collar but no tag (will ask person who claims ownership the color to verify) 

Thank you so much and hope this finds you well.
Best,Amir 949-302-3290

Note: this dog was found near Gorda. Here is the photo of her with their other dog.

Update & better photo of scared dog on Naci

Received from a reader yesterday: “I tried for about 4 hours yesterday. I was able to get him a full canister of wet dog food, treats, and water. I got him into my car with hot dog pieces, then after about 10 minutes of driving, he took a massive crap in the backseat. It was soooo bad but at least it was on a towel. When I pulled over to take the towel out, he jumped out of the car very quickly. It was an emotional journey and I tried to find him again, but he was in dense woods and it was getting dark. This was about 1-2 miles east of the National Forest Nacimiento station. 
Quick movements and noises scared him. Leaving food, walking away, and minimal eye contact helped. He is a domestic dog who was very sweet once in the car, not violent at all (scared, albeit) 

I’m in Santa Cruz for the next 2 days but will keep checking the blog and if no one finds him, I’ll go look again. 
 Feel free to post any of this on the blog!!! My heart goes out to this sweet doggie.”

Wandering dog — do you recognize? UPDATE: found and has a forever home now

This little guy is wandering Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. About a mile and 1/2 west of Ponderosa campground. USFS tried to approach, but it is spooked and wouldn’t let them. If you recognize this dog, please contact the owner. It is scared and wet and hungry and needs help.

The Ballad of Kit and Rachel

Many of you know of this story, but I wrote it up for Voices, and it was published today.

Big Sur loves its dogs. Lost dogs have become sort of a specialty of mine on my blog. I am a sucker. Whether they are born here, brought here or dumped here, all are welcome. No bad dogs, sometimes bad owners. This is the story of three such dogs, but mostly the last of the three.

Feb. 4, 2013, was a warm, gorgeous winter day. I got up and opened the door to let out the four dogs I already owned. I left the door open, so I could go back to bed for a bit. Shortly after I closed my eyes, I heard the clinking of toenails on the hardwood floor. I rolled over to see which dog it was. “Oh, my! Who are you, Missy.” It was a stranger, making herself at home. I didn’t even know the sex at that point, but that is how she got her name. She is a smart border collie, probably McNab. She was skin and bones and covered with ticks. I took her into the bathroom, where I planned to keep her isolated from my own dogs until I could get her to the vet and have her checked, which I did. Seven years later, she never willingly leaves my side.

On Nov. 21, 2019, Elsa Rivera posted a photo of a German shepherd puppy that a couple had abandoned at the Loma Vista gas station. My other four dogs were all gone by then, having lived 14 to 16 years each, and Missy the Mystery Dog needed a high energy playmate that wasn’t me. That night, Lady was ours. That was two months ago, and today she is housebroken, knows basic commands and is highly entertaining.

Then, on Jan. 7 I got one of those emails I get way too often about a dog wandering the highway. No photo, not much of a description (looks like a fox, but not). Not much I could do with that. She was spotted near the vista point at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

A couple days later, at the same vista point, Jon Knight spotted her and he and several state park rangers tried to capture this gal, but were unsuccessful. She was scared to death and ran away. There were sightings reported to me on and off, but no photos until Jan. 15. Rachel Fann spotted her near her place, three miles south of JP Burns.

You can read the rest of the story at

Hint: It has a happy ending.

Found Dog at Pfeiffer Beach — Update: Reunited with his human!

The parks management people at the Pheiffer Beach Kiosk found the dog pictured below. I’m sending the photo to you in hopes that you’ll put it on your blog.
It’s a male, maybe around 80 lbs, boxer mix. Nice dog, let all of us pet him and pull ticks off.
The 2 contacts for more information are: