German Sheppard found in Big Sur

Hi Kate We found a German Shepherd on Highway 1 and was told to reach out to you. The dog was running up and down the highway the last 2-3 days and we figured we would take her to the vet and check if she was chipped. Unfortunately no Chip was found, and we were wondering if there is anyway you could help us find the owner. 
Dogs info: 9-11 months Female had collar but no tag (will ask person who claims ownership the color to verify) 

Thank you so much and hope this finds you well.
Best,Amir 949-302-3290

Note: this dog was found near Gorda. Here is the photo of her with their other dog.

6 thoughts on “German Sheppard found in Big Sur

  1. Thanks for keeping her safe! Let’s hope she wasn’t abandoned but if she needs a new home, this photo should make that a cinch

  2. Things like this happen to me. I always make room for them. I don’t give them up. They have been traumatized enough. My bed is very crowded..not much room left for me.

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