2020 Census starts today

BTW, I filled out mine this am, even though I never got anything in the mail. There is a spot below where it asks for your mailed census number to click if you never received anything, like me.


Big Sur let’s be COUNTED!

Everyone COUNTS

The Census is Safe and Confidential 
With all of us at home and sheltering in place, the best and safest way to respond is Online or by Phone. It is actually the only way we can respond at this time.

Please note: If you have a “PO BOX” or “HC67 BOX” you will not receive a notice from the Census Bureau. Please respond by going online or by phone to complete your Census questionnaire.

To respond Online:  my2020census.gov

  • Click on Start Questionnaire
  • Enter Census ID or Click on: “If you do not have a Census ID, click here”
  • You will be prompted with questions for each individual living at one address

To respond by Phone:

  • Toll Free Numbers:

           English – 1-844-330-2020
           Spanish – 1-844-468-2020

Questions or information on the 2020 Census, click on this website:

Complete the 2020 Census Today | Take the 2020 Census‎

Or email: info@CABigsur.org

Renters / Property Owners Living at the same physical address –

  • Count everyone on your property including yourself, your family and renters (non-family members) and include in one questionnaire. See the sample questionnaire below for questions asked for each individual.

Why the Census Matters –

  • Census data determines Federal funding allocations for schools, childcare programs, road maintenance projects and social assistance programs.

Safe and Confidential –

  • Information collected during the 2020 Census can’t be shared or used against you in any way. Your information can’t be shared with immigration or law enforcement agencies, and it can’t be used to determine your eligibility for government benefits. Your privacy and security are taken seriously.

A Voice for California –

  • Participating in the 2020 Census ensures that you & your communities have fair representation.

Download a sample copy of the Questionnaire HERE.  (PDF, 8 Pages, 381.8 KB)