New Order by MoCo Health Department with new restrictions, including limiting recreational travel.

This order goes into effect at 11:59 pm tonight. An emergency alert on this just went out at 5:13 pm. One significant change is that ONLY essential travel is allowed. Pay particular attention to the TITLE of this order – 3) Limiting travel for Outdoor Recreational Activities….” This language would be completely unnecessary if one can travel as one chooses for outdoor recreation. I submit one can’t travel outside one’s own neighborhood, otherwise, what is the point of severe travel restrictions in other areas, if not this one? Also, there is very restrictive language about entering the county for any purposes. Finally, I see the language requesting strict enforcement at the end of the as being extremely instructive about the intent of this order. Here is the website (Note, I had trouble with it a bit ago, so be patient and try again later): Http://

Here are the relevant sections regarding travel.