Update & better photo of scared dog on Naci

Received from a reader yesterday: “I tried for about 4 hours yesterday. I was able to get him a full canister of wet dog food, treats, and water. I got him into my car with hot dog pieces, then after about 10 minutes of driving, he took a massive crap in the backseat. It was soooo bad but at least it was on a towel. When I pulled over to take the towel out, he jumped out of the car very quickly. It was an emotional journey and I tried to find him again, but he was in dense woods and it was getting dark. This was about 1-2 miles east of the National Forest Nacimiento station. 
Quick movements and noises scared him. Leaving food, walking away, and minimal eye contact helped. He is a domestic dog who was very sweet once in the car, not violent at all (scared, albeit) 

I’m in Santa Cruz for the next 2 days but will keep checking the blog and if no one finds him, I’ll go look again. 
 Feel free to post any of this on the blog!!! My heart goes out to this sweet doggie.”

2 thoughts on “Update & better photo of scared dog on Naci

  1. Is this dog still lost? I have a message that he found a home? Conflicting messages

  2. Yes, he is still wandering Naci, unless you know something I dont. Seem on Monday at Ponderosa Campground, searched for by person who took this photo. Where did you hear he found a home?

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