9 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. It just looks so quiet and peaceful up there on your mountain!!!! It’s hard to imagine a more spectacular spot to shelter in place than up there (and knowing you, I’ve gotta believe you are well stocked). Stay safe, healthy and sane!

  2. Love your new Lady! She’s beautiful, and no doubt a great companion to hunker down with. Stay safe and warm…

  3. Jean, yes, I am well stocked, but could use a few things — not need, but want. Staying warm today is the main goal, as this snow does not seem to be melting as fast as it should Solar still covered with snow. Lord knows why I still have battery power.

    Steve, yes, she is a joy to have around…a big, goofy, puppy.

  4. Thanks Kate, this was a perfect set of photos to put the balance back into my perceptions. Lady just keeps getting more beautiful. And that snow. You are in the perfect place. Hope Lady is enjoying the snow. Hugs.

  5. Beautiful snow, the hills will love the extra moisture. Your pup is adorable

  6. Kindness and compassion is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers.❄️🐾💕

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