9 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 5/17/20

  1. She sure is, Kate! You guys are so lucky you found each other!

  2. She’ll get smarter & more serious as she matures.
    That’s a good photo.

  3. Oh, she is very smart. She is only goofy because she is a puppy in a full-grown body and doesn’t get that. She has a pretty good memory, too. She can leave her ball out overnight, but when I tell her to go find it the next day, she will…she tracks it down with her nose, but I also watched the light bulb go off in her head, when she remembered it was on the porch. I didn’t have a clue as to where it was. She brings great joy.

  4. Everything has beauty but having a dog makes us see it even more💕🐾.

  5. Lady you are so beautiful and a perfect fit into your mom’s and Missy’s life. Hugs.

  6. I don’t care if you don’t know my name …. but I can tel you (all) know that I LOVE this Photo <<< AND I can Tell Any Reader That THIS WRITER in N+O+W FINISHED with his ALLERGY to any 'fur burring pet' i.e. Dogs 'Cats << ONE of the Pleasures of Andropause <>> Change !! … encouraged by that possibility, I went to the Oakville Human Society and ‘Signed Up’. “Beauty”‘ was. a Name, given to My First Cat !!.


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