CABS Financial Assistance for Independent Contractors

Good morning everyone,
This notification will go out over the CABS email server list today: (Please note that CABS is still working with Employers & Employees.)

Financial Assistance from CABS for Independent Contractors (Gig Economy Workers)
Due to the generosity of the Community Foundation for Monterey County, Jack Dorsey, and a number of anonymous Big Sur resident donors, CABS has established a modest COVID Relief Fund. If you live and work in Big Sur, and you are an independent contractor and have applied for PPP, EIDL and/or unemployment benefits and have been declined, or were unable to apply for these benefits, please contact us for an application for financial assistance. We will require the following with your application:a.     Proof of rejection from SBA (PPP and EIDL) and EDD; orb.     An explanation for why you were not able to apply for PPP, EIDL and/or EDD.
If you have had difficulty making an application for EDD Unemployment benefits, please contact Senator Monningʻs offce at 831-425-0401. They are providing assistance and can help you complete your application.
For a nice concise guide to the CARES Act Relief, please visit this site:
If you believe you qualify for financial assistance based on the above, please send a request for the application form to

Patte KronlundSecretary, CABS