Lost Dog — FOUND!!!


UPDATE: This truck and trailer was seen stopping by and picking up Canela at Highway 1 and the driveway. It is from a neighbor’s surveillance camera. It looks like these people picked her up. Keep an eye out:

Our dog Canela is missing as of noon today. She may have followed Libby, my wife down our road at Kleissner’s property and then on to highway one.
She has never done this before. She always wants to be by our side and does not wander.
Her name is Canela and she is a sweetheart.
She does not have her collar because we have been home. And is not microchipped.
Can you PLEASE get the word out?
Please notify the Monterey County Animal Services at 831-769-8850

Thank you!

Canela is missing! Let’s get her home!

Heat Wave

From Daniel Swain, Weather West:

A pretty unusual large-scale atmospheric pattern over the northeastern Pacific Ocean and inland over the Southwest will contribute to a strikingly intense and persistent statewide heatwave this week across California. Indeed, extreme and in many cases record-breaking heat will actually extend across a pretty broad chunk of the American SW in the coming days–not just California. Heat will begin building today, but will become noticeably oppressive in some places by Monday. The heat will continue to intensify Tuesday, Wednesday, and possibly through Thursday before reaching a very impressive peak–especially across NorCal. Widespread daily record highs are expected, especially in NorCal, on multiple successive days (likely in some spots from Mon-Thurs). Right now, the high-resolution models are suggesting that this week’s extreme heat will be most anomalous across portions of the San Francisco Bay Area, where I would not be entirely surprised to see some monthly (not just daily) heat records fall. But ensemble forecasting tools are also suggesting that 850mb temperatures could approach/exceed record levels across an even broader region by Wed/Thurs–so there is some potential for this upcoming heat event to “outperform” even these pretty lofty predictions.