The Mystery of Plaskett Ridge Rd.

Mystery, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

A blog is no good without photos. Without my camera (but not for much longer!) I have gone into my flickr archives to find this one which I thought you might like.

This was taken on Plaskett Ridge Rd. in the fog. On days like this one can imagine the elves and fairies playing and hiding among the fog-covered trees.

5 thoughts on “The Mystery of Plaskett Ridge Rd.

  1. I know how my Rob would be without his cameras… so i’m hoping yours is here ASAP!

    All the pictures you’ve shown us are amazing, but I think this one is a favorite. It reminds me so much of this area we are so blessed to live in.

  2. Ah…this pic brings back all the drives in the fog and trees I have taken through the years! Thanks for the memories!! This really captures the feel of it.

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