KSBW poll re closing State Parks

KSBW is running a poll on whether it is a good idea to close the State Parks in order to save money. Unbelievably, the responses are evenly divided. If you feel strongly about this, and I imagine most of you do, go the site below, scroll down, the poll is on the left, and vote. Sorry, tried a link, and wouldn’t cooperate.


2 thoughts on “KSBW poll re closing State Parks

  1. As of 6/6/09, voters who think State Parks SHOULD be closed in order to save the state money are winning. I don’t know that this local poll would/could influence our government, but I just have trouble believing that cutting out 1/2 of 1% of the state government expenditures would accomplish any good. Yet, it could decimate the local economy of many, many areas, not just Big Sur. What about the lost revenues to the state from taxes on the MILLIONS of dollars spent state-wide in the tourist industry these 220 State Parks generate??

    First, I was embarrassed to be an American under Dubya. Now, I am embarrassed to be a Californian, under the Terminator. Ever thought about that? California elects a “Terminator” as a governor? Why are we surprised he is suggesting terminating health care to children? Aid to the elderly and disabled? Cutting out aid to low-income college students? Closing our State Parks? The poor are the ones to suffer — across the board. Have we lost our collective minds?

  2. Just voted. Bizarre how many respondents have chose “Yes.”

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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