Full Moon & Girlfriends

I continue to believe and experience the Magic that is Big Sur.

In 1989, I turned 40 down here on the South Coast of Big Sur. That night, walking home from work in Dogpatch, I had one of my incredibly magical moments. The Full Moon had just risen over the Santa Lucia Mountains. The sun was getting ready to set. One was directly in front of me, the other, directly behind. I spun to witness both, and said, “Okay. I get it. I’ll stay.” I had just arrived on the South Coast, and knew at that moment that it was my home.

Tonight, I drove home on the Coast Road, and was led by the Full Moon. I was coming from my 60th birthday party with my incredible group of girlfriends. I had turned 60 on Santorini in Greece, but the girlfriends would not let it go by without honoring this milestone, here, in Big Sur, my home.

Another magical moment in Big Sur. Thank you ladies. You are all so special in my life.

4 thoughts on “Full Moon & Girlfriends

  1. 60 is a magical year, or so my grandad told me many years ago before he passed. Happy Birthday Kate and many more! }}}HUG{{{

  2. HBTY, HBTY, HBDK, HBTY!!!! Glad you have been having a good one! 60 is just the beginning of “Crone-hood”, a really great place to be!! A time to use the wisdom we have gathered through the years and let go of all the “frass” and just LIVE!!! Congratulations on 60!!

  3. 60 also has a special meaning in Eastern culture because it takes 60 years to complete one cycle of Chinese zodiac. Happy birthday and I hope you will enjoy a new, wiser cycle.

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