Home Front & Station Fire Updates, 9/3/09

First, the Station Fire update. From this morning’s LA Times:
“More progress in Station fire, but canyons still under threat
September 3, 2009 | 7:04 am

The fire is now 38% contained and has burned more than 144,000 acres. It was moving southeast to the mountains high above Pasadena, Sierra Madre and Monrovia, and hand crews battled rugged terrain as they tried to protect well-known campgrounds, trails, recreation areas and the Stony Ridge Observatory. The western leg pushed toward Pacoima Canyon, prompting the evacuation of 11 homes.”

And from one of my sources: “144,753 @ 38% contain…..4,735 personnel on it, 64 homes and 49 outbuildings destroyed, helicoters have dropped 1.7 million gals. of water as this date an aircraft have dropped 670,000 gals. of retardent[.]”

One of the best collections of photos of the Station Fire I have found is from the Boston Globe, here

On the home front, here is last night’s sunset:

And some people have asked me privately about the recovery of my dog, Dakota, from her ordeal that has been going on since the end of April. After four months of “house arrest” I finally started letting her out for 15 minutes, twice a day. All was going well, until yesterday, when she somehow pulled the injury open. I am guessing it was jumping up on the back porch. She came back early, was whimpering, wouldn’t sit down, and was otherwise in pain. It could have been worse, so I am treating it at home, for now, and putting her back on house arrest.DSC_0618

June 3, 2009 – Dakota

While we wait on the fate of our State Parks, while we hope for more rain (and little lightning, please), I thought I’d bring everyone up-to-date on Dakota.

It has been over a month that she had been confined to quarters. She is not allowed outside until her wound has closed up. She still has a gap of an inch or more which is taking a very long time to heal. She went to the vet again on Friday. Every night I must irrigate it with a betadine/saline solution — a lot of it. Neither one of us likes this process. We have to do this for 2 weeks, and then she goes back to the vet. This has been a long and difficult road for the two of us.

We’ll both be glad when she can go outside on her own again.

On another note — I had a lot of fire clearance done yesterday. Everything is looking so good!! My view, which is always great, is even more spectacular now.  Also “groomed” some Oaks, and what a difference that makes. I want them ALL groomed like that. One more day next week, and it is all done. A photo when my camera arrives. It gets shipped tomorrow. Yeah!!

5/1 Updates

Quick report:

11:30 am – The much anticipated, and welcomed rain has begun, thankfully, very gentle drizzle. Hopefully, more to come.

Dakota continues to heal, but very slowly. She will get the drains removed Monday, but in the meantime, I try to keep them clean, keep her quiet and calm, and give her medications twice a day. Walk her carefully four times a day. Just about a full-time job taking care of her, right now, making sure she doesn’t lick or try to pull the drains out. She cannot wear a collar, it puts too much stress on her.

Dakota, 4/27/09

Dakota had her second surgery today.  Today’s surgery was to remove the dead tissue, and not nearly as long and difficult as the first one. She gets to come home tomorrow, but has to be on bed rest for a couple weeks, and she might have to have a third surgery, depending on how this one heals. Keep us in your thoughts just a little bit longer. Thanks. 

Also, see Cal-Trans page for project update.

Dakota Update

4/26/09 – The vet never called yesterday. I’ll be going down tomorrow.

4/24/09 – Spoke with the vet this morning. There are some problems, and she may have to have a second surgery to remove the “dead” skin on Monday. She pulled out the drain on her back that they were using to flush the wound. They tried the collar, but it stressed her too much. Her red blood count is not recovering as it should, so they will be doing some tests to find out what that is. She is eating very well, walking better, and feeling better, over all, and everyone loves her, she is a sweet dog, they say. I just want her home!

4/23/09 – The vet just called, and Dakota continues to improve greatly. She is “brighter” today than yesterday, is wagging her tail more, and has a great appetite this morning, and is walking better. There is a “slight” chance she could come home for the weekend, but I called and said given the 3 other dogs, the rural, dirty, dusty nature of my place, Monday would be better for her. I would really like the tubes out before I bring her home, as much as I miss her. I don’t want an infection or relapse! I really want her home, and miss her terribly, but reality is Monday, I am hoping.


I went and saw my dog, Dakota, today. That was so very difficult. I did take my winter sweater, full of my smells. I am so grateful for the suggestion. I am sure it will help her. Hasn’t been washed in quite a while.

I expected her to be happier to see me, but she was so hurt and in so much pain, it pained me. She did wag her tail, some, and did give me kisses when I asked.

I got down on the floor with her (my ex said, “don’t do that, you are going to get blood all over you!” I said, “I don’t care.” But I was grateful he offered to go with me. It was so emotional.) She has a tube going in the top through which they put sterilized water to cleanse the inside of the wound, and, of course, a drain out of which is coming lots of blood, pus, and the water. She has an IV catheter on her leg, as she gets several IVs a day. Her belly looks like she is feeding a dozen puppies, her teats are so full and swollen. She has about 40 stitches, maybe more. She may need a second surgery to remove the dead and dying tissue. She won’t be coming home before Monday.

The good news is, no broken bones, no internal injuries, no gangrene, and no amputations. It will just take some time for her to heal. She is eating, goes out to pea, and walks around, albeit with quite a limp.

I will upload a couple of photos of my baby as soon as the internet allows. They don’t really show the injuries, as that is in the groin area, but they show the top, flushing tube, the shaving, and my sweetie. Thanks, to the ex for thinking to take these for me!!

What she went through to get home to me is beyond remarkable. We are so connected, and the psychic communication was incredibly strong.