Dakota, 4/27/09

Dakota had her second surgery today.  Today’s surgery was to remove the dead tissue, and not nearly as long and difficult as the first one. She gets to come home tomorrow, but has to be on bed rest for a couple weeks, and she might have to have a third surgery, depending on how this one heals. Keep us in your thoughts just a little bit longer. Thanks. 

Also, see Cal-Trans page for project update.

3 thoughts on “Dakota, 4/27/09

  1. Kate! I didn’t realize your Dakota was hit by a car and made a Lassie-like return home. I really hope the recovery goes well and you two are reunited at home asap.

    Do you have doggie medical insurance, I hope?

  2. As I left for work this morning and said good-bye to Buck and Anni, I thought about how much we love our animals and they love us back, unconditionally. Dakota sure has shown her love for you! Buck and Anni and their human send their love and thoughts of healing well. Take care Dakota and Kate; we love you!

  3. Thanks, Ruthie and Jo-ann. I can’t wait to get her this afternoon.

    Unfortunately, no, I do not have doggie medical insurance, and this will be costly. I am just grateful I had the money! I will be looking into getting it, though.

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