Two South Coast Incidences today, 4/25/09

There were two fire-related incidences reported today. One was a possible wildfire in the Nacimiento area. One was an abandoned campfire on Plaskett Ridge. The USFS-KC sent a very nice young lady named Tammy over to check on both.

The Nacimiento report was a false alarm. It was a burn pile, near a residence being closely monitored by the owner. The second, which the ex reported to me, and I passed along to the USFS, was not “originally” abandoned, as the ex had seen people there, but after he left, it WAS abandoned, and when the USFS got there, it was still hot, and Tammy made sure it was good and out. 

Thank you, USFS!!

Also, Tammy informed me that the current plan is to open the  forest on May 1, 2009. I did not think to ask if that was the entire forest, or just the portion down here. (Gotta get better at that!) She did say that it should help to take the strain off of this unburned (since 2000) area. That should be good news for the VWA folks.