Zigadenus fremontii

Zigadenus fremontii, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

Latin name: Zigadenus fremontii; Pronunciation: zig-a-DEE-nus free-MONT-ee-eye; Common name: Star lily; Family: Liliaceae (Lily); Habitat: Rocky outcrops, dry grassy or wooded slopes below 3000′, coastal sage scrub and chaparral. Blooming period: March to May.

I have these above 3K ft, but they are not in bloom, yet. I took this one a couple years ago.

Rain a comin’

Spring rains expected tomorrow morning. Yay!! Every little bit helps. NOAA is predicting between 1/4 and 1/2 inch. Possibility of further rain Wednesday through Friday, but only a possibility.

Also, on a sad note, dear Miss Sara Byrne’s husband, Greg Denmark, died just short of his 56 birthday in a drowning accident in Washington State about 10 days ago. Our thoughts and love are with you, Miss Sara. (You may remember Sara and Greg from their days at River Inn, she managing the store, and he, doing maintenance.)