Life in the Wilderness, 4/20/09

Two stories, and I will try to keep them short, but hopefully interesting.

Remember my post a few days about about trespassers? Wow, did that spark some debate at the Ventana Wilderness Alliance. So far, it is about even between those outraged by my declarations re my private property rights, and those who defend my right to be suspicious of trespassers, with those supporting me gaining a slight lead.

I had no idea people could get so het up about my private property rights. It got really hot today, and I don’t mean the weather. Some posters are very supportive, and others, not so much. Funny, sort of like the trespassers I meet up here: some nice, some not so.You can follow the whole debate; the good, the bad, and the ugly here: 

Ventana Wilderness Forums • View topic – Private Property & Silver Peak Wilderness.

Second, you remember when Dakota was missing for 3 days and I found her shut inside a storage trailer? Well, she’s been missing again. For four days. I didn’t post, as I just KNEW she would come home.

On Thursday, I went to town for an overnighter. Dakota absolutely has to be kept locked inside the first day, or on a leash, otherwise, she will come looking for me. Once, about 3 years ago, she went to the school, 5 miles away. So, she always gets locked up. This time, the dog sitter left the door open and she, naturally, being Dakota, went running off to look for me. When I got home, I combed the area on Saturday. Went to the campground, went to the school, went to Sand Dollar, checked the sides of the road, nada. 

Today, just after noon, Dakota showed up with no fanfare. She came in the open door, and laid down at my feet. I jumped for joy, and then noticed she was all tore up, not walking right, and had a major gash. I rushed her to the vet. Seems she was hit by a car. Her wound was filled with maggots. Four days with little or no food or water, a hip and/or leg that may be broken, and yet she made it home, five miles and 3200 ft in elevation from the highway where she was probably hit. She is in the doggie hospital tonight, and will undergo surgery tomorrow, but the vet is confident she will survive. My dog sitter might not, however.

Dogs are just the most amazing critters, aren’t they? Dakota, the Wonder Dog!!