Are Big Sur’s Native Wildflowers headed toward extinction? 6/12/19

Almost 600 plant species have been lost from the wild in the last 250 years, according to a comprehensive study.

The number is based on actual extinctions rather than estimates, and is twice that of all bird, mammal and amphibian extinctions combined.

Scientists say plant extinction is occurring up to 500 times faster than what would be expected naturally.

In May, a UN report estimated that one million animal and plant species were threatened with extinction. (http://Plant extinction ‘bad news for all species’

Here are some of the delicate clarkias (wine cups) that face extinction here in Big Sur due to off-roading:

Am I headed for extinction?

How do these delicate flowers face extinction here in Big Sur? From this:

How many extinctions are you responsible for?

Photo Sunday, 8/5/18

Photo by Ken Ekelund.


Dudleya. If you know the location, please do not reveal. As many of you know, these have been subject to poaching up and down the CA and OR coast by visitors who then ship thousands overseas for profit. Take photos, not plants.

Another special wildflower

There is a patch of Delphiniums I have watched for years. It is not a big patch. Some years, it is only 1/2 a dozen or so, other years, it is a couple dozen or so. Never bigger. As all wildflower lovers know, Delphiniums are blue.

This year, “my” patch has a pink one. This is not the clearest photo I’ve ever taken, but the wind was blowing it around. I will try again tomorrow, but for now, enjoy this version.


Favorite Big Sur Wildflower

I really needed a change of pace, from the problems of overuse, to something much more beautiful, so I suspected you did too. This is the Calochortus venustus, or Mariposa Lily. My favorite.


May Wildflowers on Plaskett Ridge

Here are just a few of the wildflowers I photographed on the way down Saturday.



And then there were –  what used to be the exceedingly rare, but much more prolific in the last few years – Charmin flowers.