7 thoughts on “Wildflower Photos, 4/28/17

  1. Such lovely flowers, spring is enchanting with color. Thank you. FYI, I cannot access your post regarding the contractor denying Cal Trans claim for Mud Slide. Anyone else? It just says, page not found.

  2. Soooooooo beautiful … thank you!
    Big Love for you too and all you do.

  3. So gorgeous! Walking the Pfeiffer Canyon bypass trail yesterday to get to the BS Health Center, I was treated to the view of poppies (I suppose) that splashed the deep green velvety mountains, with Douglas Irises along the trail. Ripplewood has a great stretch of varied flowers (native and not) along the roadside on the west side of the highway. It’s a great time to be walking about and seeing all the subtle flowers we don’t see when we’re whizzing by in a car.

  4. beautiful pics especially the lupines. my favorite flower and the meadow lupine smell heavenly. like the way in top pic you have cone and twin peak in the background.

  5. most beautiful place on earth, this area. look at the blue of that sky! the green and the beautiful lupines and the enormous elevation changes of cone peak, and of course, the pacific. what a place.

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