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This Community Market starts today, and will go until no longer needed, but anticipated it will go all summer long. There is no charge for the booth. Given that Local Color and the Pub have received eviction notices, this offer by River Inn will help pick up the slack. I am hoping Local Color finds a new spot, it is such a great business and the Pub is an icon. There will be funeral service for it on May 7th.

8 thoughts on “Community Market

  1. Does anyone have any info regarding why Local Color and the Pub were evicted? Is there any word on what might replace them?

  2. I am shocked and sad that we may be losing the Local Color Gallery. It has been the perfect exhibit venue for us artists on the Big Sur Coast. I hope that a new location can be found for this important business before we are “silenced”!

  3. I have heard that Jali Morgenrath is planning on re-model/re-build of structures there. Hard to work on a building when people are in it. But definitely difficult for the businesses displaced too…

  4. My information is that Jali sold it to the Orosco (spelling??) family, who also bought the place across the river from the Grange.

  5. Is it permitted to sell paintings at the community market? Inquiring because the bulleting says only items which are not sold in the shops there. Hmm. It seems like most items are already sold by the shops and galleries in the Village.

  6. A note from the Realtor who has been working on Jali & Cindy’s behalf for many years now to try to complete a sale of the Village Shops for them: As of this morning – the Big Sur Village Shops is still owned by Jali and Cindy Morgenrath, Local Color has not been evicted, nor has it received a Termination of Tenancy Notice.

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