HML-North Grand Opening

WE HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS! The Henry Miller Library is opening a new location 25 miles north: In Carmel!!
Join us for our all-day GRAND OPENING PARTY — music, poetry, and more!! — at the
Henry Miller Library at the Barnyard
3728 The Barnyard, G23, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93923, right off Highway 1!!
(Due to the collapse of the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur is inaccessible from the north. It will likely re-open and be accessible via the south in June.)
We’ve very excited to show off our new place. Come see old friends. Meet new ones! Browse our brand new exhibits. Peruse books. Chit chat around the firepit. Eat from one of the Barnyard’s various and delectable dining establishments.

You can expect poetry courtesy of Carolyn Kleefeld, Maria Garcia Teutsch, and Elliot Roberts!

And there will also be music from Alisa Fineman, Andrew Byars, Jessica Healy, Songs Hotbox Harry Taught Us, and Magnus Toren serenading us with the Ballad of the South Coast!

Dance, eat, bring a casserole (optional) and celebrate this exciting new dawn!

This is the Henry Miller Library: Where Something IS Happening! (in Carmel!!!)


6 thoughts on “HML-North Grand Opening

  1. Kate,

    Has there been any collaborating with nearby municipal/county libraries or does HML mostly run as an independent?

  2. Andrew, HML is a non-profit, originally established by Emile White, a friend of Henry Miller’s, in his home. It contains both Henry Miller’s books and things, but also Emile’s. It is not a typical library, and as such shares no affiliation.


  3. Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch by Henry Miller.

    When I was about 18, I found this book in a bookstore in PA. It was magnificent in its description of Big Sur.

    2 years later I packed my important belongings into my little car and came directly to Big Sur. It was everything Henry described, but in addition to all the “ambiance” there was the dry & moist fragrances in the air, everywhere. Totally intoxicating…

    I got a job working at Ventana. I was cleaning the trash off the restaurant parking lot at 6:30 am, and Larry Spector (owner at the time) drove up in his yellow 911, watched me for a few minutes, then spoke to me: “You should go down to the Henry Miller Library and meet Emile White.”
    That was all he said, and I have no idea what prompted that statement.

    So one day I walked in the front entrance at HML. There was only one other person in there, a skinny, white-haired man. I looked around, gravitating to an area on the back (north end) shelves where there were some HM books.
    I found a copy of “Oranges” and pulled it off the shelf.

    The old man had been watching my every move from across the room- it didn’t bother me-, and now he spoke: “That, young man, is an excellent choice.” Thus, my introduction to Emile White.

  4. I, too, met Emile White in his home when I made a pilgrage there. Emile was a ladies man, and was quite fond of them. Like Blanco Diablo, years later, Emile took my hand, and didn’t want to let go.

  5. Congratulations! But I hope this is only temporary. The Emil White property is so very special!

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