Missing Dog – Palo Colorado Canyon-FOUND


From Sofanya at the Dome House in Palo Colorado Rd:  sweet doggy STAR LILLY went missing (yesterday) I’m really really concerned! It’s possible she may have jumped into someone’s truck or something and got a ride into town or south to Big Sur…..if she jumps out somewhere she’d be disoriented. PLEASE everyone be on the lookout for her. She’s approx 60 lbs…adorable and sweet. She has a collar with info.
She’s a mix but mostly looks like a lab-pit mix.
Please message me right away if you find her or see her!


Planned Power Outage in Big Sur, Tues. 4/11


As of this afternoon, the plan is to start the work on Sunday the 9th and work though Tuesday the 11th. The power outage would be Tuesday the 11th. See the updated talking points below and please let me know if you have any questions.

Lizz Williams

Caltrans Pfeiffer Bridge Work- PG&E Information
· Pacific Gas and Electric Company crews will be in the area on April 9th – 11th working to assist in the removal of the damaged Pfeiffer Bridge in coordination with Caltrans.
o Please note that our work schedule is subject to change and is dependent on safe weather conditions.
· The community may see or hear helicopters hovering and flying in essential equipment throughout the weekend.
· Some customers may experience an electric service interruption on April 11th from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM in order to relocate electrical facilities.
o Please note that our work schedule is subject to change and is dependent on safe weather conditions.
o All customer that are impacted by the outage were mailed a letter.
o If you have questions about the outage, we encourage you to call Yolanda Borges at 831-784-3359.
· We appreciate the community’s patience while we complete our important work.
· If you have questions about our work, we encourage you to call Lizz Williams at 831-784-3592.

Highway Remains Closed, 4/7/17





Photos: Mud Creek (PM 8.9); Two photos of Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6), aerial courtesy of Madonna Construction; Pfeiffer Cyn Bridge (PM 45.52).

*Same information as last Monday*

FWIW, debris still falling on Thursday at Mud Creek when Rock Knocker and I passed through. Another large boulder, like the one surrounded by cones, is perched up above and has started to tilt, indicating it is ready to begin it downhill journey soon.