3 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 6/23/19

  1. I saw some of those pink ones on Vincente Flat Trail in late April.

  2. To go with the penny-pink lupine? 😉
    Hey readers. Any recommendations on a source of LOCAL wildflower seeds? Need both sun and shade. More inland suited .. temps similar to Soledad. Figured if I have to weed wack it that I might as well have some color to enjoy for a couple months. lol
    btw – a trap called the Gopher Hawk WORKS. Perfect for areas that you don’t want to dig up to bury a trap. Comes 2 ways .. just the trap and then a “complete set” with… stuff. Just get the trap. I use an old standup bulb digger I have, a “poky stick” and the ever handy must-have old screwdriver… instead of their “stuff”.
    Shifting, wet soil can sometimes hinder it but, such is life. Wait a day or move it. Trust me – there are plenty for you to find.
    Tip #1 – for rough areas away from garden and house – I shove it back in the hole and close it up with a couple good stomps. I’ve heard that other gophers will stay away. ??
    Tip #2 – Concerned that #1 will attract wild animals? They are already here. 🙂 Bobcat in the strawberry patch? yep .. BUT I have lost a trap. While the Gopher Hawks usually give a quick kill, occasionally it will catch the gopher by a paw and they will squeal .. that got the attention of one of my “neighbors” .. they took the dinner and the trap!
    (sorry for the highjack BSK. Want to give people info on a working option so they don’t use poison)

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