Another special wildflower

There is a patch of Delphiniums I have watched for years. It is not a big patch. Some years, it is only 1/2 a dozen or so, other years, it is a couple dozen or so. Never bigger. As all wildflower lovers know, Delphiniums are blue.

This year, “my” patch has a pink one. This is not the clearest photo I’ve ever taken, but the wind was blowing it around. I will try again tomorrow, but for now, enjoy this version.


6 thoughts on “Another special wildflower

  1. Your Mariposa lily photo was gorgeous, and now blue and pink delphiniums. Love the sweet wild flowers, thanks for posting.

  2. Oh, thanks for the link! I never knew there were so many. I knew about the red, and have seen a patch of those, but this pink one of mine is in a patch that has always been blue … Fun stuff.


  3. I seem to have California poppies this year that are morphing into deep dark orange and columbines that are turning pink. Strange stuff.
    Your lily and delphiniums are gorgeous.

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