Stoney Fire, 6/3/16

3:00 pm – Strike Team SBC 1538C plus E 312, 318,323,332,351, plus battalion 513 assigned to Stoney. KRN ST reassigned from Chimney to Stoney.

1:00 pm – Per South Ops, the fire is 250 acres and 15% contained. Moderate ROS. Planned burning ops for today will cause acreage to increase to about 3800 acres.

8:30 am – Intel: “What I do know is they were attempting to get dozer line around, indirect, and then to fire it out. If that was/is successful, it would be approximately 5,000 acres. If the weather does what it is predicted to do today, that should be a very challenging line to hold. The ignition probability is about 100% out there right now. Anyway, that was the word I got”

Photos of Stoney Fire at mouth of Wizard Gulch taken last night by Geri Kavanagh-Baird


As of 4:30 am the fire has grown to 500 acres.

“Updated spot for Friday. Estimated acreage around 500 acres. Very hot and dry.…60603.STONY.01

In addition to Fort Hunter Liggett RAWS this nearby weather station is likely more representative of the weather on the fire.…HPEC1&time=GMT

Last MODIS heat images are from about 10 pm, overnight heat signature has cooled considerably. Will see how it behaves with another day of 100 plus heat and single digit RH.”