Wildfires, 6/2/16

We have two happening, and one seems to be getting some legs – that is the Stoney Fire in FHL. One firefighter had this to say:

“Apparently, this fire is running up to Wizard Peak. It is definitely heading toward the LP and the initial crews on scene have pulled back due to intensity.” 6 Tankers are on this and 3 heliocopters, and strike teams have been ordered. It was 40 acres at start, don’t know what it is now.

The second one is a grass fire up at Highway One and Highway 156. I’ll be watching both, but my interest will be in the Stoney Fire. I can already see smoke haze on the horizon over the ocean. Heads up, all.

Another special wildflower

There is a patch of Delphiniums I have watched for years. It is not a big patch. Some years, it is only 1/2 a dozen or so, other years, it is a couple dozen or so. Never bigger. As all wildflower lovers know, Delphiniums are blue.

This year, “my” patch has a pink one. This is not the clearest photo I’ve ever taken, but the wind was blowing it around. I will try again tomorrow, but for now, enjoy this version.