Wildfires, 6/2/16

We have two happening, and one seems to be getting some legs – that is the Stoney Fire in FHL. One firefighter had this to say:

“Apparently, this fire is running up to Wizard Peak. It is definitely heading toward the LP and the initial crews on scene have pulled back due to intensity.” 6 Tankers are on this and 3 heliocopters, and strike teams have been ordered. It was 40 acres at start, don’t know what it is now.

The second one is a grass fire up at Highway One and Highway 156. I’ll be watching both, but my interest will be in the Stoney Fire. I can already see smoke haze on the horizon over the ocean. Heads up, all.

3 thoughts on “Wildfires, 6/2/16

  1. This reminds me of my first day on the job at Cone Peak, May 1985, I watched a fire on Wizard Gulch, it was a perfect first fire for a lookout to watch, with helicopters and tankers, practicing lining it up on the firefinder, learning to hold those big heavy binocs, leaning my elbows on the guard rail, learning to hold them still, and exhausted from all day listening to Los Padres dispatch, noisy and scratching, a long loud all day, first day of having to listen to the radio. The radio is constant in the background, but I have to pay attention, in case Cone Peak is called. Hunter Liggett, Sam Trotter’s fire crew loves him, they are working with USFS on it. I can still see the smoke clearly in my mind’s eye, east side of the lookout, sitting on the catwalk in the shade with the sunset slanting over the ocean behind me. Learned to love that job. It was quite a first day.

  2. Wow, Soaring, you are right – quite the first day.

    Same fire – Wizard Gulch, 31 years later, but called Stoney this time.


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