Coleman Fire on FHL

7:30 pm – Evacuations have begun for Pine Canyon(just south of King City). There are massive orders in the works right now. “The fire is well established in to Reliz Canyon, has burned in to the Ventana Wilderness on the LPF, and is threatening Pine Canyon. The majority of the resources are focusing on structure protection and are not really engaging on the wilderness portion yet.”

From Monterey Fire Service;

“This fire, the “Coleman Fire,” being near Coleman Reservoir, in Fort Hunter Liggett, began today at about 1500 hours and is in the northern Fort Hunter Liggett, Los Padres Forest area. The photo was taken from Highway 146 southeast of Soledad at about 1615 hours.

At 1830 hours, a local government Type 3 strike team, Strike Team 2175 C, was requested for an immediate need to the fire. The strike team includes Salinas, North County, POM FD, Monterey County Regional, and Marina FD, with Strike Team Leader 5301 from Salinas FD.

At 1835 hours, a second immediate need type 3 strike team, Strike Team 2176 C was requested by the U.S. Forest Service to the same fire. The strike team includes Monterey FD, Seaside FD, Salinas FD, and Monterey County Regional FD with the Strike Team Leader Chief 6202 from Seaside FD.

Also, the southwest portions of Reliz Canyon Road and Pine Canyon Road may be impacted by the fire. The fire is nearing 2000 acres with 0% containment. Structures are threatened.”

View of the Coleman Fire from Cahoon Summit, CV by Craig Matthews

image6:30 pm – still trying to get details, but at least 8 tankers on this, and MoCo did a large call out of all available units.

4:30 pm – fire making a run, up to 2,ooo acres, due East of Junipero Serra Peak. Six tankers and 2 Helios working out of Paso on it so far. I’ll keep posting every hour for a while. Next post around 5:30 pm.

Default CA-FHL-Coleman
Location: Coleman Canyon area of FHL, Lat and Lon from AA: 36.113 x 121.289
Acres: 40
ROS: Rapid
ROC: initially 3 acres at the toe of a slope, fire grew to 40 acres with long range spotting in grass and brush.
Structures: are not currently threatened
Special Hazards:
Resources: BC12LPF CRW3LPF DIV1LPF E15LPF 4X4 E18LPF E319LPF E335LPF E338LPF4X4 HEL527LPF PAT17LPF Q PAT41ALPF WT3LPF, 6 Air Tankers on order and 2 Copters.
Photo above is from Brian Mack.

Fire currently up to 2000 acres, in no time. Firefighters on the scene say it is running! Firefighters familiar with this area say this is nasty country and they expect it to go extended and anticipate 20,000 acres.



Esalen’s Gardens

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For your weekend viewing pleasure, a magical place. This place soaks up all the love it receives and gives back in food & beauty. I’m sure it is the work of many, many people, but two I know who put in a great deal of care into this wonderland are Shirley Ward and Kyle Evans. Enjoy this small tribute to a most glorious place. Thanks for letting me wander.

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Stoney Fire, 6/4/16

Here is another shot of the fire from Geri Kavanagh-Baird from 8 pm last night. Looks like they are getting a handle on it. The photo is so dramatic due to the setting sun and the smoke it is filtered through. Fires do make for some awesome photos. Unless something untoward happens, this will be my last post on this fire.